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On this show, we curate insightful entrepreneurial journeys to help you on your own way to success.

The stories we share on this platform are in no way generic. Every single business has its own unique formula. It is our hope that from the hundreds of business owners we will talk to, you will be enabled to create a formula that would work wonders for your own business.

From Agriculture to the Tech Space and all industries in between, you can be sure that you won’t leave an Up & About Episode feeling the same way about entrepreneurship.

We’d love if you didn’t keep this a secret.



On this show, we hope to inspire and equip business owners with the resilience to build legitimate businesses. It may be impossible, it may be unbelievable, but it is doable!


The businesses we interview and the businesses we hope you will birth will focus on a new way of doing business. No longer business as usual but businesses that find unconventional ways to answer society’s needs.


On this show, we hope to encourage the creative spirit in African Youth. We will show you that if you can dream it, you can be it.


A hundred years from now, it is our hope that what we started in 2020 will have generational consequence. May future generations thank us for taking the first step.

Life-long learning

The discoveries of 2050 are not yet known today. To keep up with the needs of society and to enable us produce answers, we must continually give ourselves to the continued acquisition of knowledge.



Every second in a U & A episode has been specially crafted with you in mind. With every episode, we will allay your fears and fuel your courage to start that business.


As a member of the U & A Community, you get premium access to business owners. You will be paired with a mentor based on a number of metrics including industry, age, current level of success, future ambition etc.


Being more than just a talk show, we are committed to helping you put your best foot forward. Learn to empower others by positioning and delivering your stories in an eloquent and confident manner.


One of our cherished values is Life–Long Learning. In the spirit of walking the talk, we will offer members of the U & A community an enabling environment to acquire new knowledge as we evolve along with the world into our very best self.

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Do you have a burning desire to witness the rise of the African Continent? What bothers you the most about being a business person in Africa? Do you believe that for every problem, there must be a solution?

If you answered yes to anyone of the questions above, it is absolutely imperative that you become a member of the U & A Community. We offer a tight knit community of like-minded individuals who know that the rise of the African Continent starts with them. Their success is Africa’s success.

In this community, you will receive motivation to keep going even when the system wants to frustrate your efforts, we will encourage you to keep your eyes on the prize! In this community, we will celebrate every success and grief together over every failure! But we will never leave any man behind. In this community, you will perfect the art of rising after failure. In this community, you will be exposed to resources that will help you unearth the jewels that have been deposited within you from the start of the age.

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